Scallywag: The Making of Video

Friday, November 8th, 2013
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Scallywag: The Making of Video

Today, After a hard days work, I decided I wanted to do something I dont often do, to leave my very comfortable illustration comfort zone.

I’ve been meaning to do some sort of video to show how I do what I do for some time now, so with both in mind I set my self a challenge!

The challenge was to do an illustration from scratch, no sketching or pondering, just a very blank page in Illustrator. After consulting with my wife briefly, I set on illustrating a Pirate.

this is what happened:

After a tiny bit of tweaking heres the final version.

pirate large-01

If you enjoyed the making of Scallywag or you want to see more videos like it, let me know, join me on facebook, twitter and instagram below, or drop me an email on the contact page above and tell me what you want to see next.


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