Halloween skull. The making of.

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013
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Halloween skull. The making of.

I made this mainly for my instagram followers to enjoy at halloween, but also because it was really fun to make!

I love sketching skulls, its something I find comes really easily (not sure what that says about me!)

So I Sketched this particular skull and took it into Illustrator to vectorize.

halloween skull 2-01Then I made a few tweaks here an there as the sketch wasnt very detailed. I sometimes like to leave stuff out of a sketch an let the design take some shape at this point.

After I was happy with the overall shape and line weight, I started to add the shading and some more details such as the bits of hair and the remains of flesh and the gold tooth.

halloween skull 3-01This was what came out. I was pretty pleased with it so waited untill the clock struck midnight on the 31st of oct and hit send on instagram!

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Let me know what I should draw next!

Happy Hallowed eve!

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